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creating prayer points

As a prayer ministry, a significant amount of our time is dedicated to creating prayer points and praying. There is no requirement that one should create prayer points. Neither is there a requirement that soldiers should plan what to target and what to capture when going into war.

When you recognise that prayer is warfare, you also acknowledge the value of planning for this war. There is no secret formula for creating prayer points. However, they can be created with certain themes or goals at their core.

What are you believing God for?

Today our churches are filled with individuals who have been drawn in by a message of what they can get from being there. The gospel of Christ has become one of material gain in many cases. This isn’t to say that God doesn’t want us to have any material. However, this is not the message of the cross, this is not what Christ’s death and resurrection was about. I say this as a disclaimer for the title above, “What are you believing God for?”

If one’s faith is confined to merely what they as an individual desire to gain from God, we are getting this wrong. As prayer warriors, which every single one of us should be, our role is to seek God’s heart and press his will into being, through prayer.

Our eyes need to become more open to the things that Christ’s eyes are open to. As an individual, this starts by asking God to remove the scales in our eyes that deny us a view and vision that is Christ-like.

You may not realise it, or simply refuse to acknowledge it, but our societies condition us to view things and groups of people in ways that are not necessarily Christ like. When this comes from within our societies, we can easily fail to recognise this. Father remove these unrighteous scales from our eyes, that we may truly see you.

Our hearts should not become so blindly patriotic to political parties and nations of this world, that we would not see the will of God in these things. There is a need for our hearts to be broken by the things that break the heart of the Lord.

The ministry of prayer is one of contrasting sorrow and victory. The sorrow and pain coming from truly seeing how broken we are as a people, and the victory of seeing God’s will come to pass in the lives of his people. Prayer points are about drawing God’s heart into what we pray for, that we may pray his will in all aspects of our lives.

We are called to be sold out to the kingdom of heaven, such that we are prepared to forsake earthly allegiances when they deviate from the plan. When you are thinking about what you are believing God for right now, raise the stakes.

  1. What are you believing God for in regards to your family?
  2. What are you believing God for when it comes to your faith? When it comes to your soul? Just because you are a baptised, tongue speaking church involved person doesn’t give guarantees beyond your congregation.
  3. What are you believing God for in regards to your city?
  4. What are you believing God for in regards to your country?
  5. What are you believing God for in regards to your continent?
  6. What are you believing God for in when it comes to the human race? We are at a critical point in our existence. Many are falling on the wayside? Are you comfortable watching this happen? Is it enough for you to go to heaven and forget about the plight of everyone else?

Once you have thought of these things and written an answer for each one of them, you also want to figure out what the Lord’s heart is for it all. The bible warns us that, if we do even the noblest of things outside of Christ, we do them in vain.

Matthew 10: 35

34Do not assume that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35For I have come to turn ‘A man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-lawagainst her mother-in-law.

This is not a pretty verse, so you will not often hear it thrown around. It does carry a promise, which is one of the things that believers love. When misunderstood, or misinterpreted, it will become very different.

It will present a character of Christ that is not true to his nature. However, in its truest form, it presents a side of Christ that is not often shared. The side of a sword-wielding general. If you understand that this is the Prince Of Peace who is saying in no uncertain terms that he is not bringing peace.

What he means in the context of what we are discussing is that we cannot afford to put anyone or anything ahead of the gospel. This is a sentiment that is mirrored in his own life when his mother and brothers come looking for him. It is also mirrored in his childhood. “Do you not know that I have to be about my father’s business?” Being about your father’s business is founded on and grounded in prayer.

Intercession lives on these words, “Leave everything and follow me.” You are letting go of your personal feelings. You are letting go of your affiliations. You are letting go of your personal aspirations. At the very core, you are saying, “Lord I lay it all down, let your will be mine!”

This is by no means an easy thing. If you think of Jesus at Gethsemane, asking the Lord to pass this cup if at all possible, yet he knew that this cup was his purpose. Are you ready to lay all down if so required?

If the Lord was to ask you to intercede for someone who stands against what you believe in, are you ready to lay your personal feelings aside and do it? The body of Christ is divided over the things of this world. Politics plays such a massive role in the church. As an intercessor, your role is to steer clear of it all.

Donald Trump is a great example in this regard. We have reasons to love and to hate him on either side. Does your hate for an individual impede on your ability to pray for your leaders? David respected office so much that when he had reason to kill Saul, he chose to spare the life of the KING. You may have ample reason to despise Donald Trump, but are you praying for the life of the PRESIDENT?

Factor all these things in as you look into individuals and nations to create your prayer points for each day and for each year. We have many samples of prayer points on our website. Take some time to view these and get ideas on how to create ones that may work for you.

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